Terneuzen International Club (TIC)


The main purpose of TIC is to help newcomers from all countries to find their way in the Netherlands. The club also supports people who are returning to Terneuzen after a stay abroad, or simply everyone who appreciates doing activities within an international group. TIC fosters inclusion and diversity by helping to integrate Dow employees into their new working environments.


Who can participate?

Dow employees and also their partners are welcome as TIC members to enjoy all TIC@Dow activities, one requirement being that they must also be registered members of Dow PV. The “Dow member” TIC membership fee applies to both employees and their partners (currently 25Euro/year in 2024).

It is worth noting that, in 2023 there were 232 active TIC members (a 40% increase compared to 2022 and the most in the last 5 years).


What is in TIC@Dow for you?

We provide our members with educational and social opportunities to discover and enjoy life in the Netherlands! We organize multiple social, cultural, and sport events, which mostly take place during the evenings, and weekends.



The club organizes activities with an international character, enabling the members to interact with people having similar interests and share enjoyable experiences together. TIC thus provides members with social opportunities to network, aims to help them feel welcome, and engages them to discover and enjoy life in the Netherlands. This is accomplished through organizing multiple social, cultural and sport events.

In 2023 TIC has organized/co-organized 42 events varying from cultural, sport & creative events. 11 of these events were organized in collaboration with MIX/other ERGs/local community/other PV sub clubs, etc.


Activities included:

  • 40 years TIC celebration (16th September 2023)
  • Learning from other cultures: How to work with Dutch; How to work with Americans
  • Eurovision with GLAD
  • Pink ribbon with B-WIN
  • Taal Café: practicing languages and helping others practice the ones you’ve mastered.
  • X- ERG (Employee Resource Groups) Buddy Program
  • Getting to know the area better: Oktoberfest, Bolus workshop.
  • Dutch lunches
  • Swimming course
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas party


Additionally, TIC also plays an active role as part of Dow MIX, and helps organize cross-ERG initiatives and events. These have included the following:

  • Expat library establishment with the Hispanic Latin Network
  • Inclusive communication in a culturally diverse environment, in collaboration with MIX
  • The Pink Ribbon Walk – supporting research and raising awareness – WIN collaboration
  • Dress for Success Terneuzen – initiative in collaboration with WIN
  • The welcome to Zeeland event, in collaboration with Expat Center Zeeland.


You can easily join us by using the QR code below.

We look forward to welcoming you to a TIC event soon!


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